Ashley's Hair Extensions offer a Creative New Solutions For Hair Color & Chemical Damage:

Some salon clients may experience damage to their hair after several haircolor or chemical service sessions. You as the client may strive for temporary haircolor and highlights, yet do not want to commit to permanent haircolor or any chemical based services. Over years of having these services, your client’s hair may experience more breakage than normal. Hair extensions will provide a safe new option for these clients to continue to have the style, haircolor or highlights they love. With the correct application and knowledge of at-home care; hair extensions will not harm your client’s hair. Just avoid hair pieces that are too heavy. When properly applied, hair extensions will not damage the hair. If a client has severely damaged and short fragile hair, this challenge can be helped within one service using really tiny copper beads that come in many haircolor shades.

Exciting new length, volume, body and highlight makeovers may be instantly accomplished by attaching the hair extensions. Clients can be satisfied with a new look by using a gentle alternative to harmful toxins and glue. Clients who are having trouble with the length of their hair on the sides can add inches by using extensions. Additionally, hair extensions can help clients who are trying to grow out their bangs. Dealing with that slow growth period can be troubling for clients. Instead of wearing hats or hiding behind scarfs, ask your self if you would be willing to try extensions. Hair extension highlights can be easily removed easily and you can return to your natural hair whenever desired.

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(Article courtesy of Hair Extension Guide)

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